Slip, trip or fall

Of all the unfortunate accidents people are involved in every year, some are certainly more common than others. For many people, their accident is either a slip, trip or a fall (and of course, many slips and trips lead to falls). Here we take a look at how such accidents happen and how slips, trips and falls claims for personal injury compensation can be won by working alongside Accident Advice Helpline, the UK’s largest personal injury specialist law firm.

How negligence can cause slips, trips and falls claims for personal injury compensation

One of the most common ways people find themselves slipping over is by walking across an unmarked wet or highly-polished floor. We have all seen the yellow warning signs put out to make people aware of a freshly-mopped floor or a roof leak. However, if whoever is responsible for putting out such a sign has failed to do so, people may innocently walk along and suffer a slip along with associated injuries such as a sprained ankle, fractured wrist or concussion.

Trips are usually caused by some kind of unseen hazard getting in the way of people’s feet. This could be a trailing cable in an office, a box of stock left out on a shop floor, or a piece of torn carpet in a hotel. Whoever is responsible for those premises needs to make sure such dangers are taken care of before an accident happens.

Falls, of course, can be caused by hazards such as detailed above or by something such as an unguarded balcony, faulty ladder or broken steps. Falls can be at ground level or from a higher position such as from scaffolding or a rooftop. The most serious falls tend to happen in outdoor work settings involving such trades as builders, tree surgeons, roofers and maintenance operatives.

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